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A Capital Campaign for:

  • Library
  • Athletics
  • Limestone Fund

Limestone College, in Gaffney, South Carolina,
has a rich tradition of meeting the ever-changing educational needs of students, preparing them to compete and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Today we have an opportunity to uphold and build on that tradition as Limestone conducts a capital campaign for Academics, Athletics and the Limestone Fund: Today's Needs ... Tomorrow's Dreams.

Since Limestone's founding in 1845, several generations have given generously to ensure the continued quality of life and education, molding Limestone into a preeminent institution of higher learning. In 2010, Limestone ranks at the top in enrollment among South Carolina's 20 private, regionally accredited colleges and universities.

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Walt Griffin
Video length 4:50

Walt Griffin, President of
Limestone College

"Today, perhaps more than at any time in her impressive history, Limestone College is poised for what can be her greatest years! Imagine the dreams that Dr. Thomas Curtis and Dr. William Curtis must have had when they chartered this institution as the first woman's college in South Carolina and one of the first in the nation.

Now it seems not only fitting but also essential that Limestone focus on Today's Needs --- Tomorrow's Dreams as we prepare for new generations of students who will need—and deserve—the best education possible.

We want Limestone graduates to be prepared to meet the challenges, opportunities, and needs of their communities, their states, this nation, and indeed, the world.

The call is for support at the highest level ever undertaken in a capital campaign at Limestone.

The needs are great; the dreams are realistic; the possibilities for the future are endless. Thank you for your interest in and devotion to this historic institution. I believe your commitment to its future will be one of your greatest investments."

Randy Hines
Video length 2:30

Randy Hines, Limestone Trustee and Campaign Chair

"Throughout its history, Limestone College has always been a pioneer in providing access to higher education to meet the ever-changing needs of those who seek knowledge.

With the launch of the Virtual Campus in the 1990s, Limestone leaped onto the national landscape as a leader in leveraging computer technology to reach students throughout the world.

Not one of these accomplishments would have been possible without the true team spirit exemplified among supporters, students, faculty and staff working together not only to maintain our beloved Limestone College but to make it even better.

With Today’s Needs --- Tomorrow’s Dreams, we focus on three areas: First, building a new Library that is more than double in size. Second, renovating our athletic fields—making them among the very best in the region. And third, the Limestone Fund that helps meet the needs of every area of the College, including scholarships.

I hope you will join us for this journey, for as we realize the power of the possible, we lay the groundwork to realizing the dreams of tomorrow.”

Library Needs and Dreams Goal:

The A.J. Eastwood Library was built in 1966, when the day student enrollment was 350 and there were few evening classes available for working adults.

Limestone Library Current

Today, Limestone’s day students number more than 800 and total enrollment is almost 3,500 when including evening and Internet students.

It is time to build a new Library in order to provide the Students in libraryacademic resources needed by students and faculty. When the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools visited Limestone a couple years ago, they noted that our library no longer met the needs of our students.

Limestone Library Rendering
As a portal for students and faculty to access the world of knowledge and technology, the library facility must be updated to meet the needs of a new millennium.

The Plan:

  • Double the size of the Library
  • Triple the seating capacity
  • Build a library for the next forty years
  • Add computer stations
  • Add study rooms
  • Add labs for mathematics, writing and other
    curriculum needs
  • Accommodate an on-campus enrollment of 1,200
  • Be an intellectual and social gathering place
  • Add coffee shop café

The $6 million capital campaign creates a library for the next 40 years, more than doubling the size of the current library.

The new Library will be located between Montgomery Hall and the Carroll Fine Arts Building and presents a design in keeping with the architecture of the historic buildings on the front campus.

The Library needs to become more than just a place that houses books; it needs to be a welcoming space that provides a quiet place to study alone, a place to gather for group study, a place to meet new people (café), a place that provides other avenues for education and entertainment through technology.

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Lynda Ramage
Video length 2:30

Linda Ramage
Limestone Trustee and Campaign Vice Chair Library

“Today’s Needs … Tomorrow’s Dreams is the perfect name for this campaign. Since its beginning in 1845, Limestone College has proven adept at seeing clearly what lay beyond the horizon and taking the necessary steps to strengthen its offerings.

Because I strongly believe in Limestone, its leadership, the students and faculty—those who are here and those to come after us—I enthusiastically agreed to serve as vice chair for the Library component of the campaign.

I am thrilled to be working with others for the Today’s Needs … Tomorrow’s Dreams campaign. I do hope that you will join me.”

Dr. Karen Gainey
Video length 3:30

Dr. Karen Gainey
Executive Vice President and Vice President for Academic Affairs

“The new Library will become the academic center of the College, with an environment that encourages students to collaborate, to do research, and to take full advantage of the abundant learning and information resources available.”

Alica Smith
Video length 1:00

Alicia Smith

“I think the campaign to build a new Library is a great idea! The current building has limited space and tables are so crowded together that having a place for a group study session becomes ‘first come, first served.’ We desperately need more equipment and technological advances at our disposal.”

Athletics Facilities Needs and Dreams Goal: $4,800,000

Limestone College is unique in that more than 50% of Limestone's day students participate in 25 Division II sports—13 for men and 12 for women. This capital campaign is designed to maintain Limestone's leadership position in Conference Carolinas and in NCAA Division II.

Softball Stadium Rendering

To meet the challenges of a growing student body and Athletics Department, the new facilities plan will maximize the use of existing land, beautify the campus and make athletics a vital component in the recruitment and retention of Limestone students.

Library Lower Level
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More than two-thirds of Limestone's day students participate in twenty-five NCAA Division II sports. Today, Limestone is providing the appropriate educational environment in which these young men and women live. Tomorrow, Limestone is planning enhanced practice areas and playing fields on which these student-athletes compete. Today's Needs ... Tomorrow's Dreams is a campaign designed to maintain Limestone's leadership position in conference Carolinas and NCAA Division II.

To meet the challenges of a growing student body and athletics Department, Limestone College has developed a long-range plan to create an exciting future for student-athletes, spectators, and alumni. The new facilities will maximize the utilization of existing land, beautify the campus, and become a vital component in the recruitment and retention of Limestone College students.

Renovations will provide stadium-style seating for all game fields. Permanent restroom and concessions facilities along with a ticketing facility are included in the renovation plan for our sports complex. Lighting will also be installed on all game fields. The addition of field lighting will enable the College to have more flexibility for scheduling athletic events which will generate greater opportunities for Limestone alumni, parents, and fans to experience collegiate sporting events.

Saints Stadium Turf Complex, located directly behind the Limestone Center, will serve as the home field for the men's and women's lacrosse and soccer programs, and field hockey. The stadium will include an all-weather turf field and will be the most encompassing of all the athletics facilities renovations. The field will be a multipurpose field used for games, practice, intramurals, and camps. The current field has been the location of regional and national championship events, creating wonderful experiences and memories for Limestone student-athletes, alumni, fans, and the Cherokee County community. This stadium will have seating for 1,000 spectators. To accommodate increasing numbers of students as well as community and alumni supporters, the stadium seating may be expanded to approximately 4,000 in the future. At the top of the grandstands there will be a press box and a VIP suite overlooking the stadium. This stadium will be come the visual centerpiece of the athletics campus.

The future Limestone Center Field House, located immediately adjacent to the stadium, will provide locker rooms for eight varsity sports, including men's and women's lacrosse, men's and women's soccer, field hockey, baseball, softball, and football.

Beautifully situated above the quarry, the original Bob Prevatte Field opened in 1988 after an inspiring effort by Limestone College's first baseball coach, Gaylord Perry. The baseball stadium will provide a press box as well as seating for 300 spectators. New, covered batting cages will complement the renovations and construction for baseball and softball.

Softball, the second of Limestone's intercollegiate sports for women, has been part of the Limestone tradition since 1977. The softball field, originally located between the Timken Gymnasium and Stephenson Dining Hall, moved to its current location on the upper campus in the early 80s. A new softball stadium, constructed through The Today's Needs ... Tomorrow's Dreams Capital Campaign will provide a press box as well as seating for 200 spectators. The new stadium will be located adjacent to the current baseball stadium.

Handicapped accessibility and convenient access from parking are also in the projected design. The athletics complex will be connected to the main campus by a comprehensive pedestrian walkway. The walkway will be paved or softscaped with adequate lighting for safety and handicapped accessibility, and will incorporate a small social plaza where students and visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the campus. The Victory Bell Tower will be located at the social plaza overlooking the historic Limestone quarry and will be the site of all Limestone athletics victories!

Rick Patterson
Video length 5:50

Rick Patterson Limestone Trustee and Campaign Vice Chair for Athletics

"I am truly excited about what Today's Needs … Tomorrow's Dreams will mean to Saints Athletics and to Limestone College as a whole. These enhancements will greatly benefit the student-athletes as well as the non-athletes, spreading a "healthy mind and healthy body" concept across the entire campus.

Mike Cerino
Video length 2:10

Mike Cerino
Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics

"The new athletics facilities will be one of the premier NCAA Division II athletics facilities in the country. Every student-athlete wants to play in a first-class facility and one they can be proud of; this certainly meets that standard!"

Emily Wallace
Video length 1:30

Emily Wallace

"Building new athletics facilities will have a great impact on our entire school, benefiting coaches and student-athletes as well as the fans and supporters. It will be an ideal setting for coaches to train our athletes to their full potential and encourage student-athletes to do their best to make Limestone Athletics a name that people recognize for its excellence. It will help Limestone to continue as a top Conference Carolinas School!"


Lacrosse/Soccer Field Complex

Lacross Soccer Field ComplexA new stadium seating complex for 600+ spectators (can be expanded in the future to 1,200) with concession, restroom, maintenance, and storage facilities on two levels built into the existing sloping bank separating the game field from the practice field.

This complex will be the visual centerpiece of the athletics campus and include a press box, elevator, and president's box. It will provide convenient access from the parking area and have handicapped accessibility.

Baseball Stadium Complex

Beautifully situated above the quarry, the original Bob Prevatte Field opened in 1988. The new baseball complex will be built into the existing bank to create a wonderful fan experience. The baseball complex will provide stadium seating for 400+, a press box, bullpens, dugouts, locker room, and an indoor batting practice facility. New parking nearby will provide additional accessibility.

Softball Stadium Complex

A new softball complex with stadium seating for 200+, a press box, dugouts, locker room, and indoor batting practice facility is part of the Athletics Facilities Needs and Dreams. The new softball complex will reverse the orientation of the field, which, combined with the reorientation of the baseball field, will provide a safer environment for spectators and players.

The Locker Room Facility

The new facility, located adjacent to the lacrosse/soccer field, will help complete the stadium atmosphere at the game field while meeting the needs of our student-athletes. The facility will serve seven varsity sports including men's and women's lacrosse, soccer, track & field, and the field hockey team.

Locker rooms for visiting teams and for game officials will create a first-class facility the College community will be proud of and compliment our first-class teams.

All-Weather Turf Complex

The all-weather turf complex will be adjacent to the Lacrosse/Soccer Stadium and serve as the home stadium for field hockey and the practice facilities for soccer and lacrosse. The turf field will span 108,000 square feet and be equipped with lighting and a sound system. A heavyweight netting system will allow the area to be sectioned off into thirds for multiple events.
This field will be available for all Limestone students for intramurals, club sports, recreation and training.

Pedestrian Walkways & Campus Connector

The plan includes developing a comprehensive pedestrian walkway that connects the athletics complex to the historic main campus. Walkways may be paved or softscaped with adequate lighting for safety, handicapped accessibility, and small social plazas where students and visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the campus.

It's a continuation of the Limestone Tradition of providing a beautiful, useful and effective campus for students and visitors.



Limestone Fund Needs and Dreams Goal: $1,200,000

The Limestone Fund is the College’s unrestricted annual fund and provides an opportunity to support the College’s goals as they unfold. It is the primary vehicle used to fund educational initiatives that tuition does not cover.

Students in front of Administration BuildingAcademic programs, scholarships, and resources to ensure success, such as technology upgrades and library acquisitions, receive immediate support from the Limestone Fund. The positive impact from gifts to this fund is experienced by students, faculty and staff inside and outside the classroom.


Academic Programs
Limestone College is set apart from other institutions by the ability of faculty to provide a more personalized education for students and by the programs available to students.

  • Quality Enhancement Plan—Achieving Writing Excellence (AWE) improves students’ lives, and their future, through writing excellence.

  • World travel through programs such as Limestone Chorus and the Christian Education and Leadership Program

  • Specialized Research—faculty and students are able to conduct specialized research and attend conferences and competitions in their respective fields of study.

Current and prospective students need help now more Choral concertthan ever in order to take advantage of all Limestone has to offer. Gifts to the Limestone Fund provide crucial scholarships based on need, merit, and participation in various campus activities. These awards are often a determining factor in a student’s ability to attend Limestone and reach their goal of obtaining a top quality liberal arts education.

Students studying on lawn

A degree from Limestone will open the door to opportunities for greatness and will forever change the lives of students today, tomorrow, and generations to come. Scholarships assure a stimulating mix of students from various cultures, backgrounds and experiences that enable students to learn from one another.

Roy Mathis
Video length 3:15

Roy Mathis, Chairman, Board of Trustees

"The board of trustees are committed to this capital campaign. We're committed to provide the best resources possible to these students to win, athletically and academically, in the classroom and on the field. We're reaching out to alumni, to parents, to the trustees who love this school because this is a great investment for the future of Limestone College, this community and our young people."

Ann Beam Crotzer
Video length 1:40

Ann Beam Crotzer, Honorary Campaign Chair

“My love for Limestone College cannot be surpassed. We are fortunate to have Limestone in our community, our state, and in our entire world!

I think of Limestone as a legacy, touching many future generations. To continue this legacy, new challenges must be met to strengthen and sustain our future.

Please join me in continuing to restore our heritage and provide the very best environment for generations of students to come.”

Evan Goetz
Video length 1:30

Evan Goetz

“I’m grateful for the philanthropic support bestowed on Limestone College. Because of that support, I am able to enjoy the benefits of small classrooms, all because someone answered the clarion call to make a difference.”



Support Today's Needs ... Tomorrow's Dreams with your gift or pledge.
The students of tomorrow will thank you.


Ways to Give

  * One time gifts of cash Simply make your check payable to Limestone College, noting that it is for the Limestone Capital Campaign.  
  * Gifts of Stock The donor receives a tax deduction for the appreciated value of the securities and avoids capital gains tax.  
  * Credit Cards A convenient and instant means of contributing! Limestone accepts all major credit cards.  
  * Checking Account Bank Draft To set up a bank draft, the College must have a voided, signed check with the donor's full name.  
  * Matching Gifts Many companies match employee contributions. Check with your firm's HR department.  
  Limestone College Gift Societies:  
  Legacy Society $10,000 and up  
  Founder's Society $5,000 - 9,999  
  President's Society $2,500 - 4,999  
  Winnie Davis Society $1,000 - 2,499  
  Lodge Society $500 - 999  
  Fountain Society $250-499  
  1845 Society $151 - 249  
  Century Society $1- 150  
  Limestone Fund Leadership Circle $500 and up  
  Curtis Society Estate and Planned Giving Recognition  

Campaign Pledge

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On Line Giving

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Naming Opportunities


For more information regarding naming opportunities, please contact Kelly Curtis at 864 488-4601 or Mandy Hoyle at 864 488-4599.



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